HostGator Domain: How To Register and Use

Along with their hosting services, HostGator also allows customers to register and use domain names.

Register a Domain

If you’re buying a new hosting package, you can a new domain name during this process. During the order, you can register your domain and include it in your order.

You can register any of biz, club, co, com, host, info, me, net, online, org, site, space, store, tech, us and website domains through HostGator.

If you want to register a domain suffix not in the list above, you can open up a live chat support session and HostGator can register this for you on their backend.

Using the Domain

Once the domain is registered or transferred, you can edit its settings in the HostGator cPanel. This could be for updating your contact information, updating the name servers, adding domain privacy or locking your domain.

One logged in, click on the “Domains” tab. You can now choose any domain that you own and it will display further details and allow you to update them.