HostGator: Unmetered Bandwidth Explained

If you’ve been checking out the hosting packages at HostGator, you may be wondering what is unmetered bandwidth.

To put it simply, it means you can use as much bandwidth as you want — as long as what you’re doing is reasonable.HostGator

That means if you stay within their Terms of Service and to only use bandwidth in the normal operation of your website, you won’t run into any issues.

But let’s say you start using your hosting package as a personal backup resource or file hosting server that doesn’t have anything to do with your website and HostGator discovers this – you’ll hear from them.

The unmetered bandwidth means you’re not going to be charged based on a fixed monthly usage. It helps because you don’t need to monitor usage and be concerned with overage charges.

Use your web hosting in a manner you would, don’t abuse the policy, and you’ll be a happy camper.