HostGator Live Chat Means Fast Support

We’ve always loved HostGator and today there’s another reason to love their one cent hosting — live chat support.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a jam without a clue of what’s wrong with your website or maybe you’re having trouble setting up the email that came with your hosting package, the live chat is a great way to get answers right away.

Live chat support  takes you to the chat system where all you need to do is enter your name to get started.

Live Chat

You simply wait in queue until it’s your turn, which usually doesn’t take very long and provide details about your account and issue.

The customer support experts do their best to resolve their issue but if they need more time or it needs to be escalated to a different department, they will get your information down before letting you go to get in touch with you.

It’s a very smooth experience and from the live chat support we’ve tested, HosGator’s means fast support.