HostGator’s Unlimited Space: How Much Can You Really Use?

Along with its outstanding customer support, HostGator enticies users with its promise of unlimited space for your hosting. But how much can you really use?

HostGatorThe Facts About Hosting with Unlimited Space

Whenever you see a company offer unlimited space, there’s a good reason to be skeptical. After all, just like there’s no such thing as a free lunch, there’s no such thing as unlimited space on a server. It costs hosting providers money to store these files and their backups.

Does HostGator Monitor My Space Usage?

HostGator monitors the storage of each user very carefully and if it finds you storing too much data, for example terabytes or gigabytes of it, you can be sure you will hear from them.

This is because HostGator doesn’t want users using its generous promise of unlimited space in any manner that is not intended for hosting. Such as if you’re dumping files on your server as backup or for sharing privately with another friend.

The fact is the more space a user uses, the higher the host’s costs so they always want a keep a check on it.

Does This Mean HostGator’s Space Isn’t Really Unlimited?

On the contrary, actually HostGator’s promise of unlimited space will work remarkably well for 99% of the people that sign up for it. But only as long as you don’t use this space for anything other than storing files strictly meant for the functioning of your website.

If all the files you are storing in your account are essential to your website’s function, you will be fine.

On the other hand, if HostGator detects that you are using it for purposes other than for reasons specified in its lengthy terms and conditions, it will issue you a warning to delete these files. And if they still remain on the server, they have the authority to delete those files or suspend and terminate your account.